NewsLocalMore than 27,000 passengers from categories A–B were checked since flights resumed

More than 27,000 passengers from categories A–B were checked since flights resumed

Cyprus’ Health Ministry announced today that a total of 27,334 passengers were tested for Covid–19 coming from countries listed in categories A and B, since June 9 when flights to the island`s two international airports, Larnaca and Paphos resumed.

Cyprus authorities have classified countries in 3 categories. Passengers from Category A are subject to random checks, while Category B passengers need to show a negative Covid–19 test or could be tested at the airport if they are Cypriot citizens or legally residing here. Category C passengers need a negative test but have to also self–isolate for 14 days.

According to the announcement, Cyprus applies strict rules for passengers coming from B and C categories.

It is added that Austria applied the same rules for a negative Covid–19 test only last week whereas Germany will do so this coming week.

It is noted that since airports reopened, the authorities decided to check 300 passengers a day but this decision was reassessed and later 600 were tested. The number stands currently at 1,000.

The results of the tests and all the data are assessed frequently by the authorities who decide on the epidemiological risk of each country in all categories.

During July 20 – August 2 a total of 11,860 tests were conducted.

More precisely between July 27 – August 2 , 4,057 passengers were tested, all coming from countries in categories A and B in 34 flights.

These 34 flights are as follows:

Athens – Greece 7 flights , category A

Thessaloniki – Greece 3 flights category A

Crete – Greece, 2 flights , category A

Mykonos – Greece 3 flights, category A

Poland 2 flights, category A

Finland 1 flights, category A

Hungary 2 flights, category A

Denmark 1 flight, category A

Switzerland 2 flights category A

Berlin – Germany 1 flight category A

Dusseldorf – Germany, 1 flight, category A

Frankfurt – Germany 1 flight, category A

Munich 2 flights, category A

Austria 2 flights, category A

London – UK, 2 flights, category B

Liverpool – UK 1 flight, category B

The Ministry announced that 3 cases were detected in a flight from Thessaloniki on July 31, one of which is a passenger who came from Germany via Thessaloniki.

Moreover 3 cases were detected from flights from Athens and Mykonos on August 1, and Zurich on August 2.

As of August 1 the checks have increased and now 1,000 are conducted per day. More checks are being carried out on passengers arriving from Greece and the UK.

Each day a total of 10 flights are subject to tests at both airports.

Source: CNA

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