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More than 2 thousand police, helicopter and drones on alert, as election day looms


Authorities are gearing up for an alert day tomorrow, as the first round of Presidential elections, coupled with possible issues on the roads from stormy weather, will lead to a rumped up safety setting.

2,040 officers will be on duty, with a helicopter and drones monitoring smooth continuity in the electoral process and keeping the order.

There will be police presence in all 1,148 polling stations and other facilities connected to the proceedings across the free areas of the Republic,

Additional measures will be taken during vote counting, with ballot boxes transported to the head of the electoral board  accompanied by police patrols and drone monitoring.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou did not rule out using the force’s helicopter to carryt ballot boxes from isolated areas in order to expedite the process.

A Crisis Centre will be operating at police headquarters in Nicosia from six in the morning tomorrow until midnight, in coordination with district precints, with the Chief and the rest of the leadership also on hand tomorrow.

Officers have also been tasked with checking that all voters wearing masks are certified outside polling stations, with Andreou reminding the public that the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited both during voting and counting, following complaints that certain candidates were asking voters to take a photo of their ballot.

More than 560 thousand people are eligible to vote, choosing from a record 14 candidates.

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