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More mosquitoes this year due to rain – Health Services

Mosquitoes are becoming a nuisance this period, especially for residents of areas close to water, head of the health services Alvertos Karris told ACTIVE radio.

He said that the services have received a large number of calls from people reporting mosquito bites.

“Due to this year’s heavy rains, many hatching areas have formed and we expect a difficult summer,” he said.

He explained that at the moment there are no mosquitoes in Cyprus which can transmit infections diseases.


In cooperation with the health services of the British Bases and the Health Ministry, the services have installed nine devices in western Limassol which trap mosquitoes, Karris said.

He also said that the services spray the countryside every 15 days.

He explained that it is each household’s responsibility to combat mosquitoes on its own, as the number of personnel available to the services is sufficient to only fight mosquitoes in rural areas.

Citizens should take protection measures against mosquitoes such as draining stagnant water and removing any objects which may collect water from their gardens such as bottles, old tyres, flower pots and other containers and to clear gutters to ensure they do not retain water, he said.

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