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Moon Village Association, Cyprus Space Exploration Organization’s Global Moon Village Workshop

The Moon Village Association and Cyprus Space Exploration Organization (CSEO) hold the 5th Global Moon Village Workshop and Symposium on December 6-8. The event takes place online.

This Workshop & Symposium, will present various matters for the growth of the Moon Village community and lunar activities, discussing on-going and planned Moon programs, and bringing together stakeholders and lunar community. A big audience is expected from all over the world representing space and non-space companies, space agencies, international organizations, researchers and the wider public.

President of CSEO George Danos told the Cyprus News Agency that a small country, Cyprus, brings together the globe in issues related to the moon, adding that it is with particular pride and enthusiasm that CSEO is hosting this symposium of high caliber. He said that many countries are planning missions to the moon in the next months and years.

The symposium and workshop features keynote speakers and specialists like Simonetta Di Pippo, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, ΝASA`s James L. Green and Jan Woerner, former ESA Director General.

Danos said that researchers and directors from countries like China, Russia, Japan, India, Mexico, Luxembourg, Egypt will attend as well as representatives of Locκheed Martin, the global security and aerospace company .

He said that Cyprus has a role to play in space matters which are extremely important and can bring nations together.

Cyprus News Agency is the media sponsor of the event.

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