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Monthly state salaries exceeding €5,000 are plenty, official data shows

The President of the Republic of Cyprus is not the one getting the highest salary, according to the figures of the Mediterranean island’s General Accounting Office.

In fact, the highest salary goes to the Republic’s Attorney General followed by that of his Deputy and then of the Supreme Court’s head, Insider reports.

The figures are in a 2023 survey of state officials who had net monthly salaries above €5,000 – including allocated performance allowances.

Specifically, the number of positions in the state machinery that have salaries above €5,000 amount to 33.

But the total number of people who earn them exceed 100 if one considers the number of Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Permanent Secretaries of Ministries and Deputy Ministries.

As well as District Judges, Presidents of other Courts, Directors of major government departments and members of the Public Service Commission.

This is a breakdown of the net monthly salaries of the highest paid government officials:

-Attorney General €8,633

-Deputy Attorney General €8,633

-President of the Supreme Court €8,633

-President of the Republic of Cyprus €8,611

-President of the House of Representatives €7,011

-President of the District Court €6,933

-President of the Competition Protection Commission €6,931

-Commissioner for Health Supervision €6,931

-Chairman of the Public Service Commission €6,789

-Chief Medical Officer €6,728

-Chief of Police €6,728

-Commander of the CPS €6,728

-Permanent Secretary of a Ministry €6,728

-Director-General of Parliament €6,728

-Auditor General €6,728

-Chairman of the Education Service Commission €6,493

-Commissioner for Administration €6,400

-Director of the Office of the President of the Republic €6,032

-Commissioner for Transparency €6,032

-Senior District Judge €5,813

-President of another court €5,813

-Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data €5,809

-Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Government Spokesperson €5,719

-Legislative Commissioner €5,719

-Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights €5,719

-Member of the Civil Service Commission €5,147

-Citizen’s Ombudsman €5,003

-Commissioner of the Presidency for Humanitarian Affairs €5,003

-Commissioner for the Environment €5,003

-Equal Opportunities Commissioner €5,003

Finally, Members of Parliament and Religious Representatives receive a net monthly salary of €4,914.

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