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Mitsero murders: The divers braving the toxic lake to find the victims (photos)

Brasal Marine Services, the specialist company assisting police and the fire services search for the bodies of three victims at Kokkini Limni has posted photographs on their Facebook page of yesterday’s operations during which a suitcase containing the body of one of the victims was recovered.

And the NGO Reaction Youth for Prevention posted a photo of one of the divers thanking the company and the team for their efforts.

If you want to explain to your children the words hero and tough guy just show them this photo, the NGO said.


Kokkini Limni is highly toxic and the operation made even more difficult by the mud. Divers are expected to attempt to recover a second suitcase detected by robotic cameras today while the search continues for a third suitcase.

A search is also underway at a lake in Xyliatou for the body of a six year old girl. Fire chief Marcos Trangolas said the search will continue all day. So far nothing has been found, he said.





Photos from the Facebook page of Brasal Marine Services

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