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Mitsero murders: Search for victims enters 27th day

A search is underway at two lakes — Kokkini Limni at Mitsero and Memi at Xyliatou for a woman and a child believed murdered by a self-confessed serial killer currently in police custody.

Police have so far recovered five bodies – of four women and one child. Two women were found in an abandoned mine shaft, one in a dry well at Orounta firing range and one at Kokkini Limni. A second body of an eight year old girl was also pulled from the depths of Kokkini Limni.

The case has shocked public opinion and led to the resignation of the Justice Minister and the sacking of the police chief. An independent inquiry is underway as to how police handled the case of women and children reported missing and later found to be dead. Critics say that had police properly investigated the disappearances then lives could have been saved.

Divers are currently in Kokkini Limni looking for a third suitcase where the 35 year old Greek Cypriot army officer said he put the body of one of his victims and threw it into the lake.

The search parties have also been using a robotic camera at Kokkini Limni and at Memi lake, as well as sonar equipment flown in specially from the US to facilitate in the search.

Philenews reports that four areas have been marked in Kokkini Limni for investigation today, the 27th day of searches since the body of Marry Rose Tubiurco was first discovered at an abandoned mine shaft.

According to philenews, if the search is completed at Kokkini Limni by midday, then the diver and the sonar equipment will go to Memi lake where the suspect said he threw the body of Sierra, the six year daughter of Marry Rose.

A post-mortem examination on the body of a woman from Nepal found in the Orounta well suggests she was killed with a blow to the head, philenews reports.

It is believed that the other victims were strangled, it adds.

Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said yesterday that police were reviewing “a large amount of information” from members of the public.

The cyber crime unit is combing through the suspect’s telecommunications and social media in search for further information on how he acted.

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