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Mitsero murders: British experts to help Cyprus police

Five British experts are due in Cyprus on Monday, April 29, after police asked the UK for help to solve the Mitsero murders.

Police said the team of British experts is made up of a state pathologist (coroner), a clinical psychologist, a specialist in investigating such crimes, a specialist investigator in serious crime and a specialist in complex cases.

The police announcement came as a 35 year old Greek Cypriot officer was remanded in custody for a further two days as a suspect in the premeditated murder of a third woman. No body has been recovered.

He is already in custody for the murder of two other women whose bodies were found in an abandoned mine shaft in Mitsero.

Police are still looking for child of the first victim who was reported missing with her mother in May 2018.

The police announcement said that after consultations with the attorney general, the chief of police has asked for help from the United Kingdom to solve the Mitsero murders.

The request, made on April 20, relates to “experts in specific areas from the United Kingdom specialising in the type of crime being investigated by police,” the police announcement said.

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