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Ministry clarifies Covid-19 test requirement for crossings


The government has clarified that some groups of Cypriot citizens using the checkpoints will only need to obtain a certificate they have tested negative for coronavirus the first time they cross, and not each time.

However all other Cypriot citizens and legal residents of the Republic will need to show a negative result for each crossing.

In an announcement, the Interior Ministry said that as from June 21, the Republic of Cyprus will allow movement to and from the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus to all Cypriot citizens and people living legally in the Republic.

This follows a decision announced yesterday which applies to all checkpoints except that at Ledra Street which remains closed.

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Those crossing will need to show they have tested negative for coronavirus no later than 72 hours before.

However the following groups will only need to show such a test result the first time they cross. Random checks will be held in other instances.

a) Turkish Cypriots employees who must present a confirmation from their employer that includes full name and social security number. Copies or emails of such confirmations will be accepted.

b) Greek Cypriots who live in Pyrgos Tyllirias and work in Nicosia. They must present a confirmation from their employer with full name and social security number. Ambulances from Pyrgos Tyllirias will also be allowed to cross.

c) Turkish Cypriot pupils/ students attending classes in the government controlled areas who can cross only from the Ledra Palace checkpoint. They will be transported from there only by means provided by their educational institution. Crossings with private vehicles will not be allowed. Confirmation from the school or educational institution with full name must be submitted.

d) Enclaved and re-established Greek Cypriots and Maronites who live permanently in the Turkish occupied areas.

e) Cypriot citizens who live in the occupied areas and receive medical treatment at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre, CING and at public and private hospitals in the government controlled areas. A medical certificate from the doctor or medical institution must be submitted with full name.

Cypriot citizens who do not belong to these groups as well as legal residents can cross provided they show a Covid-19 free certificate, valid up to 72 hours before, each time they cross.

In addition, crossings by exception for humanitarian reasons with the permission of the Interior Minister will be allowed.

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