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Minister of Social Care about asylum seekers

Deputy Minister of Social Care Anastasia Anthousi yesterday said that the allowance that had been so far paid to approximately 700 asylum seekers will stop since it has been discovered that these people had been working and were also registered in Social Insurance.

She also said that the number of foreigners arriving to the government-controlled areas is increasing so unavoidably the quality of the services provided by the approximately 40 people of the Ministry has been reduced, despite efforts to the opposite.

Speaking before the House Interior Committee, the Deputy Minister explained the necessary process of checking and recording these people, providing them with rent money an allowance until they find a job. The money spent on them amounts to 40 million euros and the European Union covers 80%.

Regarding the Reception Center Pournara, she said that even though it should have hosted 80 minors, since last October their number reached 540. So far, 260 have been relocated to various other places.

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