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Minister of Health announces new steps to limit coronavirus spread

A package of new measures to curb the pandemic was announced in Cyprus on Friday by Minister of Health Michalis Hadjipantelas, who said that they will come into force on the 20th of July.

The Minister said that the Council of Ministers assessed the situation and the experts` suggestions and decided to take some additional measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The Cabinet, he said, decided a series of measures including the suspension of summer camps, the introduction of the SafePass in all indoor and outdoor areas where at any time more than 20 people gather, including the employees of the company, until July 31 and the presentation of the SafePass in public services of the wider public and private sector, banks, local administration, public transport, passenger ships etc.

He added that it is prohibited to visit care homes or other facilities for the elderly, with the exception of those who have a SafePass, while he announced an increase of the maximum number of people indoors from 350 to 450 people, provided that all people are fully vaccinated or have been infected with COVID-19 in the last 6 months.

Finally, he said that it is allowed to serve guests in restaurants, nightclubs, receptions, discos and other entertainment venues exclusively in tables with a maximum number of 10 people per table. All visitors must be seated and dancing is prohibited, with the exemption of establishments with fully vaccinated guests or guests who have recovered from COVID-19 and have a certificate for the past six months.

The Minister said that unfortunately the epidemiological situation in Cyprus is worsening, as cases and hospitalisations are on the rise.

Our weapons against the virus, he said, is vaccination and personal health protection measures.

Noting that we are on the right path, he said that more than 60% of the population has concluded their vaccination scheme but said that the effort must continue.

Regarding the walk – in vaccination centres, he said that the citizens` response is encouraging adding that the government will continue its efforts to upgrade those centres, where citizens can get vaccinated without previously arranging an appointment.

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