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Momentum is lost in efforts to establish minimum wage in Cyprus

The momentum is lost in efforts to establish a minimum wage in Cyprus, Philenews reported on Wednesday after a meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades and relevant stakeholders ended in disagreement.

Instead of the announcement on Tuesday of an overall agreement  on this thorny issue the official line was that talks have to continue.

In fact, insiders said it is as if the talks have to start from the start and that the minimum wage philosophy the recently deceased Labout Minister Zeta Emilianidou had achieved is gone. Along with the momentum.

Right after the meeting, Government spokesman Marios Pelekanos said a minimum wage will be introduced “in the coming months”.

And that despite the differences between the employers’ organisations and trade unions regarding the establishment of a minimum wage, these can be bridged.

He also said that discussions can be completed if both sides show goodwill.

However, trade unions Sek, Peo and Deok criticised employers’ organisations Keve and Oev for differentiating from the framework as had been established during discussions with the late Labour Minister.

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