NewsLocalMilitary exercise “Onisilos-Gedeon 2021” completed (VIDEO)

Military exercise “Onisilos-Gedeon 2021” completed (VIDEO)

The operational readiness of the National Guard’s air defence system was successfully tested during the  military exercise “Onisilos-Gedeon 2021”, which took place in the framework of the annual military cooperation programme between the Republic of Cyprus and Israel.

The exercise which began on Monday was completed the next day and covered a big area of the Republic of Cyprus territory. It was directed and coordinated by the National Guard General Staff Air Force Command in cooperation with the Israeli Air Force.

It included training staff on the tactics and procedures of development for the air forces deployment, of anti-aircraft unit, in the procedures of weapons control and dissemination of information and training of air defence inspectors, a defence ministry press release said.

The annual exercise, proves the upgraded level of training and operational readiness of the National Guard. It also sends clear messages that Cyprus, which is in an especially sensitive region, with the help and cooperation of friends and neighbouring countries plays a significant role in handling current security issues and asymmetric threats, the announcement concluded.


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