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MEPs focus on ‘spy van’ case and Cyprus’ role in spy scandal in Greece

The independent criminal investigator Ilias Stephanou’s findings on the infamous ‘spy van’ case in 2019 came to fore on Wednesday when MEPs on a fact-finding mission on spyware in Cyprus focused on it.

Indicative are the remarks by Stelios Kouloglou, a member of the Committee of Inquiry to investigate the use of Pegasus and equivalent surveillance spyware (PEGA), on Active Radio in Nicosia.

Referring to the Committee’s meeting with Attorney General George Savvides, he said: “If the case of the van had not been covered up” then Greece would probably not be concerned now with the scandal of wiretapping of journalists’ and politicians’ telephone conversations.

The Committee flew from Cyprus to Greece late on Wednesday to continue investigations into the ‘spy van’ affair, as well as other spyware cases following the spy scandal that rocked Athens earlier this year.

As for Savvides, he told journalists in Nicosia that the ‘spy van’ case is now officially closed and that the report cannot be made public.

He also said that there are no reasons for reopening it again at the moment.

However, if – at any time – the Law Office finds that there is enough evidence to issue a criminal investigation then it would be at Pega’s disposal.

Nonetheless, Kouloglou had underlined that lack of transparency is there in the handling of the ‘spy van’ case where former Israeli intelligence officer Tal Dilian was involved.

Headed by the former Israeli intelligence agent, WiSpear, a company specialised in providing end-to-end WiFi interception and security solutions, was reportedly the owner of the black van.

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