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Measures to encourage integration of Turkish Cypriots into labour market

The Ministry of Labour is considering a series of measures aiming to facilitate and encourage the integration of more Turkish Cypriots into the labour market of the Republic.

A technical committee on the issue of T/Cs joining the labour market has been set up on the initiative of the Labour Minister Kyriacos Koushos, with the participation of social partners but also with the involvement of other ministries.

The aim is to have the necessary changes so that Turkish Cypriots are attracted to the labour market of the free areas in place as soon as possible. Even within the first quarter of 2023.

In this context, the proposal being prepared includes ways of communicating and promoting programmes to the Turkish Cypriot community. These are basically based on the cooperation of the trade union movement in the free areas with those of the Turkish Cypriots. The use of Social Media is among the measures under consideration.

In addition to offering Greek language learning programmes, training programmes should also be run for the construction industry and the hospitality sector, i.e. hotels and the catering industry.

The measures are on the basis of relevant EU recommendations on Cyprus which is divided since a 1974 invasion by Turkey which still maintains troops in the breakaway northern part.

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