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Maximum of 75 guest indoors, 150 outdoors at catering establishments


The Health Ministry has revised the guidelines for the operation of catering establishments setting a maximum of 75 guests indoors and 150 outdoors.

It said the change aims to safeguard public health and follows phenomena of non-compliance and correct implementation of the decrees and protocols at catering establishments.

The rule that set a minimum of 3 square metres per person indoors and 2 square metres per person outdoors remains in force, however the ministry said that there is now a maximum to the number of people that can be catered for.

For example, if a venue has 400 square metres outside and would under the 2 square metres rule be allowed to serve up to 200 people, it will not be allowed to do so but can cater only for a maximum of 150.

For an indoor venue of 300 square metres that would under the 3 square metre rule be allowed to serve 100 people, will only be allowed to cater for 75.

The above restrictions apply to the following catering establishments listed in the Health Minister’s decree of June 5:


Hotels and tourist accommodation



Pizza parlours

Pubs, bars and snack bars


Canteens of schools, sports and cultural clubs

The rule setting a 10 person maximum per table remains in force.

Guests must be seated at tables and if there are bars these cannot be used by the public but only by staff to prepare food and drink.

The above is in force until the end of June when it will be reviewed based on the epidemiological situation.

Rules for operation of restaurants, other catering establishments

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