NewsLocalPiece of marble floor of ancient Salamis gymnasium on sale on e-bay

Piece of marble floor of ancient Salamis gymnasium on sale on e-bay

A Russian man is selling on e-bay a piece of the marble floor of the gymnasium of the ancient city-kingdom of Salamis in breakaway Turkish-held north Cyprus.

The marble on sale is estimated to be 2,500 years old, Philenews reported on Thursday adding that the Antiquities Department is aware of the case.

The selling item – advertised along with a photo of the Greco-Roman city of Salamis – goes for US$ 85.

Despo Pilides of the Antiquities Department said the necessary steps in this case have been taken.

“We monitor what is being sold online day in and day out and when we see something suspicious we inform the Police which, in turn,  informs Interpol,” she also said.

“The sale process is stopped until an investigation is carried out. And when there is enough evidence, we ask for the repatriation of the ancient objects,” she added.

Following Turkey’s military invasion in Cyprus in 1974 and continuing occupation of the northern part, extensive destruction, desecration and pillage of historic and religious sites has been recorded.

Disputed archaeological excavations and the illegal export of objects have also been recorded.


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