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Mandatory use of mask – Clarifications and exceptions

The use of masks for the general public, aged 12 and above, is now mandatory in all enclosed indoor spaces where there are more than one person, aiming to protect all citizens and Public Health  from COVID-19. Also in the following:

  • Transportation means
  • Workers at construction sites (when more than one person transported by car)
  • Elevators


  • Homes
  • People actively eating or drinking
  • People travelling in private
  • During physical exercise
  • Cooks only during cooking
  • People with special mental/developmental disorders who do not comply with the use of mask
  • People with serious neurological/neuromuscular disease who cannot deal with the mask
  • People with malformations and or injuries

The above will be in force as of 15 October 2020.

It is reminded that those found nor wearing a mask will have to pay a fine of 300 euros.

Read More: Health Ministry: Use of mask in all enclosed indoor spaces



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