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Mandatory telework in private and public sector on the cards due to rising Covid infections

Cabinet on Thursday is expected to approve proposed new measures aiming to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Cyprus with telework both in the private and public sector almost a certainty.

The proposed ratio of telework or remote work is expected to be 20%, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

Almost certain to also get the green light by the Cabinet is a proposed ban on Christmas events organized inside shopping malls or any other indoor area.

Instead, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas is to propose the organization of outdoor events only where presenting a 48-hour negative test by all attendees – vaccinated and unvaccinated – will also be mandatory.

Measures whose implementation has already begun in schools, including the controversial ones in primary education where wearing a face mask is now mandatory by all children six and above, should be considered as granted.

Despite strong protests against the measures by a group of parents, Philenews also reports.

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