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Man wins case against revocation of disability pension

A man has been vindicated by the Administrative Court in a case he brought against a Medical Council decision to revoke his disability pension he was receiving since 2004, Phileleftheros reports.

The man was aged 42 and working as a carpenter when the ophthalmological medical council ruled in 2004 that due to eyesight problems he would only be able to exercise his profession for a limited number of hours. The decision was then adopted by social security services that approved to pay disability pension at a 75% rate.

A review of the man’s file in 2008 had the same outcome. However, in 2016 the opthalmological council decided he was now able to work full time, despite his submission to the competent authorities of a doctor’s report stating otherwise.

As a result of the council’s new decision, social security discontinued payments of the man’s disability pension.

The judge overseeing the case established that “there is no evidence demonstrating that the medical council duly and sufficiently investigated the applicant’s case.

“The applicant has been blind in the right eye since 2004, and in relation to the left eye, his doctor reported tearfulness, photophobia, foreign body sensation, myopic astigmatism and generally an irritable eye,” the judge said, emphasising that not only had the situation not changed for the man but had also worsened according to his doctor.

As a result, the court cancelled the termination of the man’s disability pension on the grounds of insufficient investigation and inadequate substantiation.

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