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Man who stole box with teen’s ashes inside gets beaten up in prison

A 33-year-old Greek Cypriot man who is on trial in relation to the recent theft of a wooden box with a Swedish teen’s ashes inside has been beaten up by detainees at Cyprus Central Prison, philenews reports.

The man was taken before Limassol District Court on Tuesday for his trial to start but his lawyer raised a case of abuse in ward 4A since he had visible marks on his face.  The court then asked for an investigation into the abuse incident.

Prison authorities have also launched a disciplinary investigation into the incident to determine under what circumstances this took place and why the guards failed to intervene in time.

Phileleftheros has information that in his previous jail term for a different case the 33-year-old was allegedly involved in the theft of cigarettes of prisoners and this is probably the reason behind the recent attack.

A couple of weeks ago, the man had confessed of breaking in the rented car at Governor’s Beach and stealing a suitcase which also had the box with the ashes inside. He had also sent a text message to the teen’s mother apologising for his actions.

The teen’s parents returned to Cyprus to collect the retrieved ashes and fulfilled their son’s wishes to be scattered in the Limassol sea.

The mother of the deceased has in fact said she forgives the 33-year-old and asked the authorities to be lenient on him.

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