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Man jailed for 30 days for killing puppy

A 28 year old man who threw a puppy to its death from the third floor balcony of an apartment following an argument with his girl friend has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for animal abuse, Politis reported on Thursday.

The defendant is already serving three months in jail for negligent driving while under the influence of alcohol. He will serve the additional one month once that is over, judge Nicolas Georgiades said.

The incident, described by the judge as a ‘hideous act’  occurred in December 2016. The accused had a row with his girl friend at her third floor apartment in Nicosia. He grabbed her one month old puppy and threw it off the balcony. The puppy fell on to a car windscreen and was killed. The incident was witnessed by a passerby who notified police.

The defendant had meanwhile moved the puppy to an abandoned home but on being questioned by police admitted to the crime.

The judge said the defendant’s behaviour was unacceptable, violent and one of the most serious cases of animal abuse to have come before him. Commenting on defence lawyer’s argument in mitigation that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol and upset because of the argument with his girl friend, the judge said such behaviour was abominable.

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