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Man arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing dog

A 62 year old man was arrested in Kouklia, Paphos for killing a neighbour’s dog and injuring another one with his hunting gun on Saturday.

Around 5.30p m on Saturday, a 53 year old resident of the village found one of his dogs injured and reported it to police.

Officers who went to the scene, found a second dog dead in the suspect’s yard, around 150 metres away from the  dog owner’s home.

The suspect claims that he shot the dogs because they killed his rabbits. Three dead rabbits were found at the scene.

He said he tried make the dogs leave by throwing water on them but they became aggressive so he shot them.

The injured dog was taken to a vet, while the dead dog and the rabbits were taken by the veterinary services.

A veterinary autopsy found dog bites on the rabbits.

The 62 year old was arrested, while the gun and three empty cartridges were taken as evidence.

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