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Mainly fine today; roads to Troodos open only to 4WD vehicles

Friday will be mainly fine with local increased cloud, mainly on the west coast.

Temperatures will be 18 C inland and on the coasts and 7 C in the mountains.

There will be local increased clouds tonight which may lead to isolated showers, mainly in the west and north.

Temperatures will drop to 6 C inland, around 9 C on the coasts and 1 C in the mountains.

On Saturday, increased cloud will lead to scattered showers with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms and some snow in the higher Troodos peaks. Temperatures will remain at the same level as on Friday which is close to average for the time of year.

Sunday and Monday will be cloudy at intervals with scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms and snowfall in the mountains.

Temperatures will edge down on Sunday remaining about the same on Monday at a little below average for the time of year.

And the time of issue of the early morning weather bulletin there was 56 cm of snow on Troodos Square.

Road update:

Paphos district:

Because of flooding of rivers, mud and rock slides and and subsidence of the road surface the following roads are closed:

Ayios Nicolaos -Pera Vasas at Tselefos Bridge, Kelokedara-Amargeti-Nata at Zorbilli Bridge, Salamiou- Galataria at Panayia tou Sindi Bridge and Ayios Nicolaos-Mandria, Ayios Demetrianos-Kritou Marottou and Kritou Marottou road.

The Ayios Nicolaos-Kaminaria and the Stavrokonnos-Filousa roads are open but dangerous because of rock and mudslides.

Limassol district 

The following roads are open only to vehicles with four wheel drive or those equipped with snow chains: Prodromos-Troodos, Karvounas-Troodos and Platres-Troodos.

The following roads are open but slippery: Pedoulas-Prodromos, Prodromos-Platres and Pinewood-Kakopetria.

Updates on road conditions are available on the police app, the website and police social media pages.

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