NewsLocalMainly cloudy with some local showers and dust in the air

Mainly cloudy with some local showers and dust in the air

South-eastern stream affecting the area and unstable weather conditions are expected as of tonight. Dust in the atmosphere as of this afternoon.

Partly cloudy on Sunday with possible local showers in the afternoon in the south and south-western coast.

Winds will be south-easterly, light to moderate in the morning, force 4 to 5 Beaufort, turning south-westerly to westerly light to strong, force 4 to 5 Beaufort.

The sea will be initially slightly rough, turning rough by early afternoon.

Temperature will rise to 25C inland and in coast areas except in western coast area where it will rise to 27C and around 14C in the mountains.

In the evening the weather will be cloudy with possible local showers and possible local storms mainly in the southern and eastern areas of the island.

Winds will be north-easterly to easterly, light to moderate, force 3 to 4 Beaufort but locally strong in the coastal areas 5 Beaufort. The sea will be slightly rough.

Temperature will drop to 16C inland and in western coastal areas, 18C in remaining coastal areas and around 8C in the mountains.

On Monday and Tuesday mainly cloudy with local showers and possible storms during which there might be hail.

On Wednesday fine weather will alternate with clouds and local showers or storms are expected mainly in the afternoon on the mountains and in western areas.

The temperature is not expected to change much but will drop in western coasts. Generally it is expected to be close to seasonal average.


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