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Suspect in inmate’s murder placed under strict security after causing mayhem in detention

A 29-year-old inmate who is the main suspect in the murder of 41-year-old T/C Tansu Cidan, will be guarded by the Emergency Response Unit (MMAD) 24/7, Phileleftheros reported on Thursday citing information.

Police had taken strict security measures ever since the 29-year-old was arrested for Cidan’s murder.

However, they decided to increase security after he set his cell on fire at the Lakatamia detention centre on Wednesday night.

The fire was dealt with immediately, however, an inmate and two officers were affected by the smoke while prisoners had to be transferred until the fire was put out.

Before this, the 29-year-old claimed he had chest pains and wanted to be examined by a doctor. Arrangements for his transfer to a doctor followed, however, he later changed his mind because he said he did not like the way he was handcuffed.

Through his lawyer, the man said he intends to file an official complaint about the conditions of his imprisonment.

Furthermore, last Monday, he complained against a policeman serving at the Lakatamia detention centre, claiming the latter had displayed indecent behaviour.

The suspect claimed that after his girlfriend visited him at the Lakatamia detention centre, the officer sent her a friend request on social media.

The officer was transferred from the Lakatamia detention centre on Wednesday, and Police Chief ordered a probe into the incident.

This development caused the reaction of the police trade union “Isotita” which in an announcement noted that “claims against policemen are now in fashion but this will not be accepted by the movement.”

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