NewsLocalLunapark parko paliatso closes until investigations conclude

Lunapark parko paliatso closes until investigations conclude

Lunapark Parko Paliatso announced today it is suspending operations until the circumstances of an accident which injured a mother and her 7-year old son are established.

The park issued a press release today calling again on the authorities to inspect the site since it reopened.

The managing board of the park says that the German company TUV SUD has confirmed it carries out inspections and issues certificates, staff who operate the machines are duly trained, this is the first time since it opened 20 years ago welcoming 8 million visitors that an accident has happened and that they will support the two injured persons, wishing them full recovery.

It also says that, in spite of the perfect condition all machinery at the park are in, and the fact that no visitor is in any danger, the board decided to close the park until the relevant authorities assure that there is absolutely no risk for anybody.

The competent government department and the police continue their investigations. Police expect to get statements from the mother and the doctors who provided medical care to both her and her son.

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