NewsLocalLots of nurses on leave in public hospitals

Lots of nurses on leave in public hospitals

Last Tuesday, 11.26% of the nursing staff in public hospitals was on sick leave, maternity or parental leave, while an additional number was on normal leave. This means that around 460 out of 3,000 nurses all over Cyprus were not at work.

The House Health Committee yesterday examined this phenomenon in public hospitals but also ways to replace employees who are absent for a long time.

OKYPY spokesman Charalambos Charilaou said that since the problem is well known, every time the organization will hire people, it takes needs into consideration and adds another 25% so that no gaps will be created. As he indicatively said, if we need 1,000 nurses, we take 1.250. He also pointed out that since 2019, more than 380 nurses have been hired.

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