NewsLocalLong-term convict possibly behind threats against House President and her family

Long-term convict possibly behind threats against House President and her family

The adoption of increased security around House President Annita Demetriou and some of her family members has nothing to do with a ‘fake news’ report the top-ranking official formally filed on Monday.

This is what Philenews reports, adding that the first investigation focuses on threats made last week against the House President and a close relative of hers. And that under suspicion is a convict serving a long prison sentence, according to insiders.

The second investigation focuses on a ‘fake news’ report on social media which is offensive towards Demetriou and a close relative of hers.

Specifically, the anonymous post referred to the close relative being linked to a known criminal case related to drugs.

On Tuesday, Police spokesman Christos Andreou clarified on state radio that their announcement of increased security was made precisely to avoid public conflation of the two incidents.

He also said the posting of a specific page on social media is completely unsubstantiated, false and does not correspond in any way to reality.

It appears that the name of the person related to the drug case and that of Demetrious’s close relative is synonymous.

The House President who is also one of two candidates contesting Saturday’s election for the leadership of right-wing Disy party described the ‘fake news’ as a mud-slinging operation against her and her family.

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