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Long-eared baby owls hatch in middle of winter

The Forestry Department has shared what it describes as a happy and rare observation in the middle of winter.

In a post on its Facebook page, it has announced the hatching of long-eared owls (Asio otio)  in one of the national forests.

The baby owls are already three weeks old and are doing well, it said.

The observation is recorded as rare as this species of owl is migratory and breeds in Cyprus in spring.

The Forestry Department has put the area under supervision to ensure the baby owls are not disturbed.

This period is unsuitable for reproduction because of the low temperatures and lack of food and Forestry Department officials are standing by to step in to help the baby owls should the need arise,  the department added.

Photos by Loizos Constantinou


The long-eared owl (Asio otus), is a medium-sized species of owl with an extensive breeding range. 

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