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Local university on a mission to empower girls with confidence in STEM

A local university is on a mission to excite and empower girls with knowledge and confidence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to become future problem solvers and leaders.

Academics in Nicosia-based Frederick University believe that when given the right tools early on, all girls have the power to develop their own STEM identity, Philenews reports.

For years, these sectors have been considered male-dominated but Frederick University often organizes STEM Days for girls of various ages. The most recent one was on May 6 during which girls aged 9-12 participated in workshops on the theme of color.

They had embarked on architecturally designing a house, programmed a robot in the land of colours and explored colours through the eyes of chemistry.

In July, a week-long STEM Camp will be held for girls aged 13-16.

In the 120-year history of the Nobel Prizes in Medicine, Physics and Chemistry, a total of 599 prizes went to men and only 23 to women.

Moreover, latest official data from relevant European bodies show that – in recent years – only 30% of all the world’s researchers are women.

And that just 17.7% of IT professionals in Europe are women and only 8% are graduates in Engineering and Construction.

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