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Lists for Archbishopric elections almost ready

In order to carry out the forthcoming Archbishopric elections on time and correctly and following consultations with the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, the Church of Cyprus is informing every interested party that the electoral lists with the data that is permitted by the Commissioner will be in every parish and community of every Archbishopric district as of Monday.

According to an announcement of the Church of Cyprus, the Preliminary Electoral Lists will not include any new registrations which have taken place within the predefined period which, however, will be included in the final lists.

Additionally, the Preliminary Lists will not include persons who have exercised their right to be registered within the predefined period.

The printed Preliminary Lists will be in the possession of authorized and responsible people in each parish and community.

At the same time and until Wednesday 1/12/2022 every interested party may proceed with an objection on a special form.

According to the announcement, as of 18:00 on 6 December 2022, the Church of Cyprus will provide a relevant link on its website under the title “Learn where you Vote” and every interested person can be informed where to vote.

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