NewsLocalLimassol woman lost thousands in Bitcoin Internet fraud

Limassol woman lost thousands in Bitcoin Internet fraud

The Limassol CID is investigating a case of internet fraud and of obtaining money under false pretenses. According to the complaint filed by a woman, resident of Limassol in April 2020, she had received various emails by an unidentified person who presented himself as a CEO and convinced her to invest in Bitcoins.

In May 2020, the complainant sent through her bank account the amount of 15,000 euros to a specific account, as she was told to do and her money turned into Bitcoins.

During the months of June and July 2020, the complaint sent another 5,440 euros which turned into Bitcoins. The unidentified person guided her to send her Bitcoins to another website and as a result she lost track. She tried several times to gain control of the electronic wallet but to no avail and she realized that she had been the victim of internet fraud.

The Limassol CID continues the investigation.


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