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Limassol to be a member of the “smart city” elite

With regard to the latest developments on the tourism industry, it has been revealed that while few brand new and innovative smart city deployments are centre stage, it’s an area of technology that is intensely interesting to many and worthy of much consideration.

In Cyprus, local principles as well as tourism operators, unanimously aspire to transform Limassol into a ‘smart’ city, striving to promote all the attractions and facilities of the second biggest city of the island. The certain decision stems from the rapid changes on the tourist map, while contemporary demands regarding tourism are constantly increasing. In light of the above, Limassol should take all the necessary actions in order to offer high quality tourism experiences and therefore, to be included between the top tourist hot spots worth the crowds!

Amid competition is steadily increasing, it is imperative for Limassol to cope with the new demands that have been brought to light, trying at the same time to promote new tourist products that can attract a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan clientele.

Limassol Tourism Board, in collaboration with Limassol Municipality and Stratagem company, has secured a €3 million European funding for a six-year period (2014-2020) in the field of sustainable mobility. More specifically, via ‘Civitas Destinations’ program, the European Union aspires to build a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy, in which all individuals and communities participate in and benefit from.

On of the key pillars of the cohesive strategy is the modernization of European cities. Since new initiatives are launched, the EU agreed to allocate funds to its member states in order to be able to implement innovative projects regarding sustainable energy, sustainable transport and information systems.


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