NewsLocalLimassol: Settling of differences with a bouzouki and a machete

Limassol: Settling of differences with a bouzouki and a machete

An unusual fight unraveled last night in the Pano Polemidia area of Limassol when a 31 year old used a bouzouki to attack a 30 year old, according to philenews.

The incident reportedly stems from personal differences between the two men which pushed the 31 year old to pay a visit to the 30 year old in his trailer where he lives with his girlfriend.

He then grabbed a bouzouki and hit the 30 year old in the head injuring him.

Then the 30 year old hit back by attacking the other man with a machete injuring him in the arms and legs.

The 31 year old was then taken to Limassol hospital where he was subjected to surgery.

The 30 year old was arrested by police but he was also taken to hospital for a check-up as he complained of pain.

Investigators from Limassol CID are looking into the case and are expected to obtain a statement from the 31 year old as soon as his condition allows it.

A statement has also been taken by the 30 year old’s girlfriend.

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