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Limassol residents in despair due to toxic fumes

The situation in the areas of Polemidia, Agios Silas, and Ypsonas is unbearable, with residents unable to stand the bad smells and stenches from the burning of waste and garbage thrown by unscrupulous citizens mainly at night. The situation has reached the point of no return, say the residents, who, unable to take it any longer, have decided to sell their houses in order to escape, as they told Phileleftheros.

The problem with the illegal dumping of garbage and animal excrement is known to the Local Authorities and the Municipality of Kato Polemidia where the big problem is mainly located, the representative of the residents of the area told Phileleftheros.

As he noted, despite the information and appeals on their part, no one can take the appropriate action to stop the illegality.

Among other things, he noted that for two months residents have been locked in their homes so as not to breathe the strong odors and stifling fumes of the burning garbage.

“We have gone to the extent of buying air purification machines and keeping them in our homes. We cannot sit on our verandas. Our children are always indoors to avoid breathing in all these carcinogenic substances,” he said, adding that the officials are doing nothing to solve the problem.

The issue has been raised a number of times by both the local authorities and the Environment Department, but although there are frequent visits and inspections in these areas, the unscrupulous violators continue their work by setting fires and burning any useless material they deposit.

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