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Limassol records 70% of Cyprus’ all new covid cases in past two weeks

A shocking 70% of the total number of new coronavirus cases in Cyprus over the past two weeks were recorded in Limassol district, according to epidemiological data released on Friday.

Specifically, 1,045 cases out of a total of 1,498 recorded in the past two weeks were in the coastal city.

Nonetheless, apart from Limassol, the Health Ministry’s weekly data covering the period of February 16 to 23 showed no significant changes in the island’s positivity rate which is relatively low.

Specifically, rapid tests carried out island-wide by the Ministry show the percentage of positivity remaining stable and close to 0.2% over the past three weeks. Limassol’s percentage, however, is at 0.5% over this period.

Across Cyprus, the cumulative impact remains stable at 164.7/100,000 (164.3/100,000 last week).

The cumulative impact in all districts, except Limassol, is below 100 / 100,000 (Nicosia: 81.4 / 100,000, Larnaca: 65.8 / 100,000, Famagusta: 36.8 / 100,000, Paphos: 34.6 / 100,000).

Limassol, however, records an increase and is well above the safety limit of 150/ 100,000 set by the ECDC, with 420.9 / 100,000 this past week from 390.7 /100,000 over the week before.


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