NewsLocalLimassol police raid youngsters carnival party

Limassol police raid youngsters carnival party

More than 40 policemen raided a carnival party being held by youngsters at a Palodia club late on Saturday, philenews reports.

Police were acting on a tip off that a carnival party was being held with the participation of minors.

There were more than 100 young people at the premises, 55 of them aged under 17.

The owner of the club was found to be serving alcoholic drinks to minors.

Police also found a small amount of cannabis hidden under the sofa. It is unclear who it belongs to, philenews added.

The 29 year old owner  of the club was charged in writing and released. The parents of the young people were called in to collect them.

Police also found that the premises did not have a permit to serve alcohol or to play music.


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