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Limassol murder possibly drug-related, police say

Police believe that the murder of Christos Michail, 44, in Polemidhia on Sunday night was drug-related, philenews reports.

Michail was known to authorities for previous drug offences and had been arrested in 2017 for possessing 5.5 gr of cocaine.

According to philenews, on Tuesday, police obtained a warrant to search the house of an officer who knew the victim.

Investigators learned that the victim was at a coffee shop on Sunday when he received a call and left. They suspect that he went to meet the assailants in an unfinished house near the location where he was found dead.

Τhey believed that Michail argued with them, before trying to leave in his car. The assailants reportedly chased him and shot him with a hunting gun in the chest.

The car then veered into a field and came to a stop next to a chicken coop, under two trees.

The unfinished house where it is believed that Michail met the assailants.

Police found €4,400 in the car and are currently looking for the victim’s mobile phone. They believe that the assailants stole the mobile phone.

Authorities have submitted a request for access to the victim’s phone records and are trying to determine the identity of the person who called Michail in the coffee shop.

Michail was found dead in his car on Monday afternoon. He had been shot in the chest with a hunting rifle as he sat in the driver’s seat of his car.

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