NewsLocalLimassol: Man catches, detains burglar at his home

Limassol: Man catches, detains burglar at his home

A 22 year old man who returned to his house to find a burglar at work was able, with the assistance of his neighbour, to wrestle the perpetrator to the ground and detain him until the police arrived.

The 43 year suspect, who is a third country national, is now under arrest and in hospital with head injuries.

Police said that when the 22 year old returned to his house at around 8.20 pm, he saw a man in one of the rooms. The man was holding a nylon bag and assaulted the owner of the house who called his 24 year old neighbour.

Together the two men tackled the burglar  and the scuffle moved outside.

The would be burglar picked up a flower pot to throw at the two men but slipped and fell, sustaining injuries to the face. The two men managed to detain the burglar until police arrived.

Police found in his possession a straw with remnants of white power believed to be meth.

In the nylon bag they found jewellery which the 22 year old identified as belonging to his mother. Police also found two mobile telephones and a watch.


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