NewsLocalLimassol: Impressive waterspout off Moni (video, photo)

Limassol: Impressive waterspout off Moni (video, photo)

A waterspout that formed off the coast of Limassol near Moni was caught on camera and published on  the Facebook page of Weather Enthusiasts of Cyprus ( Kairofili)

According to, a waterspout is “a small-diameter column of rapidly swirling air in contact with a water surface. Waterspouts are almost always produced by a swiftly growing cumulus cloud. They may assume many shapes and often occur in a series, called a waterspout family, produced by the same upward-moving air current. Waterspouts are closely related to other atmospheric phenomena such as tornadoes, whirlwinds, and fire storms.”

Μονή Λεμεσού

Publiée par Giorgos Leonidou sur Mercredi 23 octobre 2019


Video above by Giorgos Leonitou and below by Panayiotis Ioannides from  the Cyprus Weather Enthusiasts Facebook page.


Moni, Lemesos

Publiée par Panayiotis Ioannides sur Mercredi 23 octobre 2019


Photo by Christodoulos Loizou

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