NewsLocalLimassol: Four more youths arrested for lighting bonfires

Limassol: Four more youths arrested for lighting bonfires

Limassol police have arrested another four youths for lighting bonfire overnight.

Police said that at 10.30 pm, as part of an ongoing police operation against the use of firecrackers and juvenile delinquency, a police patrol found a bonfire in an open space in Limassol. A number of young people on seeing police fled, but two — aged 23 and 17 — were arrested.

And at around 1 am on Sunday morning, acting on a tip off police found another two young people near a bonfire in the Ayios Nicolaous area.  The two — aged 22 and 18 — tried to make a run for it but were arrested by police.

All four were charged in writing with lighting a fire without permission as well as vagrancy and will appear in court at a later stage.

On  Saturday police Limassol police said they had arrested 18 teenagers,  16 of them underage, for similar offences.

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Όλα τα πιο πάνω πρόσωπα οδηγήθηκαν σε Αστυνομικό Σταθμό, όπου κατηγορήθηκαν γραπτώς και αφέθηκαν ελεύθεροι για να κλητευθούν ενώπιον Δικαστηρίου.

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