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Licence of 5,075 drivers suspended in three years

A total of 5,075 drivers have had their driving licence suspended by the courts for periods ranging from 10 days to 30 months over the three year period of 2016-2018, Phileleftheros reported on Wednesday.

It said that in 2016, courts suspended the driving licence of 1,882 drivers, in 2017 of 1,994 and in 2018 of 1,199 drivers.

In all cases, drivers were also fined and had points added to their licence. In several cases, drivers were also jailed, the newspaper added.

The longest suspension of a driver’s licence was imposed  in cases where drivers were held responsible for road fatalities. In one case, a driver’s licence was suspended for 30 months and in another for 18 months for causing a deadly traffic accident.

Courts also suspend a driving licence in cases where a driver has admitted to or being found guilty of drunk driving.

One such driver in the free Famagusta district had his licence suspended for seven months.  In that case the car had no MOT.

In another case, a Paphos driver’s licence was suspended for six months for drunk driving and reckless driving.

And in Larnaca a driver who was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, without insurance and without MOT and whose car collided with another vehicle was prohibited from driving for six months. The latter was also jailed, the paper said.


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