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Levels of chemical pesticides in urine of children in Cyprus higher than those in Europe

Levels of chemical pesticides such as glyphosate found in the urine of children in Cyprus are at higher levels than those usually found in children in other European countries.

This is what a recently-released specialised European scientific study – the first of its kind – shows.

At the same time, scientific proof showing that glyphosate may cause cancer and hence is dangerous to human health keeps piling up.

One of the study’s contributors is Dr Constantinos Makris – Associate Professor of Environmental Health at the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health of TEPAK.

And he told Philenews that the study focused on glyphosate and its metabolite (AMPA) to demonstrate evidence of metabolite toxicity (AMPA) due to oxidative stress in children.

Urine glyphosate and AMPA were measured in 177 children aged 10-11 years using mass spectrometry. Overall, the sex distribution of children was balanced (53% males, 47%), with an average age of 11 years, while the majority of them were at normal weight (66%).

Six primary schools, located in urban Limassol, were randomly selected and agreed to participate in the study, with the test taking place between January-April 2017.

The tests were conducted in laboratories in Germany and the Netherlands.

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