NewsLocalLegal Office says No to mandatory Covid-19 vaccination-insiders

Legal Office says No to mandatory Covid-19 vaccination-insiders

The Legal Office’s opinion on the Health Minister’s question whether vaccination against Covid-19 should be mandatory has been finalised with insiders saying the answer is negative.

Philenews also has insiders saying the opinion cannot be different from the form of measures already taken, that is, it cannot limit the human rights of citizens. If the answer was yes then, in essence, this would be at the detriment of those non-vaccinated.

One also clarified that any forced vaccination – where it is decided it is essential – can be imposed through the method of imposing restrictions on some of the rights of the sick and on the basis of the principle of proportionality.

As it has been pointed out, this proportionality has already been exercised through the restriction of the right of movement of those who have not been vaccinated. Or  by differentiating the restriction of contacts that are unvaccinated from those who are vaccinated.

Substantially, the Legal office’s opinion will clarify to the Minister of Health and consequently to the Government that in no case forced vaccination should take place.

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