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‘Lefkaritika’ or Lefkara lace art meets ballet and classical music

A beautiful ceremony with classical music and ballet at the Municipal Theater of Nicosia on Thursday evening ended with a memorable touch by Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry Natasa Pilides.

That was when the Minister presented belts embroidered by hand with world-acclaimed Lefkara lace – ‘Lefkaritika’ – to the female members of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra. The belts are to adorn their costumes.

Pilides firstly congratulated the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Lefkosia Youth Ballet for their important collaboration to jointly organize the performance of the classical ballet “Sleeping Beauty” which opens to the public on Friday and ends on Monday.

It will be the first time the belts whom the Minister described as “wonderful masterpieces made especially for them” will be worn by the Orchestra’s youth.

The Minister noted that ‘Lefkaritika’ are world-famous and a proud and prevailing tradition with invaluable cultural significance for both Lefkara village and Cyprus.

It is no wonder why the skilled art has been recognised with its inclusion on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List, she said.

“We are proud to have kept this tradition for over 600 years and we are very happy that our efforts are supported by people who are inspired by our tradition and leave their mark on new creations,” Pilides also said.

“One of them is Myrna Demetriou Pattichi who has been focusing on the revival of our treasure over recent past years,” she added.

Pilides then said that Pattichi’s suggestion to the Cyprus Handicrafts Service for handmade ‘Lefkaritika’ belts to adorn the costumes of the young musicians of the Youth Symphony Orchestra is an initiative that certainly strengthens our efforts to revive the precious art.

“I fully agree that young musicians can develop into the best ambassadors of ‘Lefkaritika’ embroidery. Without a doubt, this is an excellent initiative and I thank her, as I also want to express my warm thanks to fashion designer Kika Ioannidou.”

Ioannidou who had joined forces with Pattichi designed the belts and the magnificent costumes of the young musicians along with a group of master embroiderers from Lefkara”.


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