NewsLocalLarnaca residents said trapped among restaurants in Laiki Gitonia

Larnaca residents said trapped among restaurants in Laiki Gitonia

In a letter to the mayor of Larnaca, the residents of the area in and around Laiki Gitonia say they are trapped among the tables and chairs and have no access to their homes, while their private parking places have been cancelled. Moreover, they say, in case of an emergency no medical assistance (ambulance, fire service) can reach them.

On his part, mayor Andreas Vyras said that a meeting has taken place with the businessmen of the area and that the municipality proceed with settling illegalities. He noted that due to the pandemic and social distancing various issues have been created. He noted, that as a municipality they are trying to help businesses to remain open but also to please the residents, admitting that their complaints are justified.

He said that on a daily basis the Traffic Police is checking to see whether the businesses are using exactly the space rented while any illegal constructions, Vyras added, will be demolished.

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