NewsLocalLarnaca Municipality says feeding of stray cats only at 'designated areas'

Larnaca Municipality says feeding of stray cats only at ‘designated areas’

The feeding of stray cats should only be carried out in designated areas for reasons of public health, Larnaca Municipality said on Wednesday.

It said that it appreciated the sensitivity of the public in helping stray cats but had a responsibility to protect public health. It was therefore urging the public to only feed stray cats in designated areas, using containers that must be kept clean. The feeding area must also be cleaned and incidents to the contrary must be referred to the municipality or to the town’s animal welfare organisations.

The municipality said one such feeding area has been created at Mackenzie and others will follow elsewhere in town.

The municipality added that it has made money available for neutering, which will increase, and said it was participating this year as in the past in the sterilisation programme of stray cats run by government authorities.

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