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Larnaca municipality planning new park

Larnaca Municipality is launching a competition for a new park to be created at the former residence of the district officer and police director, it said on Thursday.

The plan for the Salina Municipal Park includes:

  • recreational areas
  • revival of the urban environment
  • improvement of the area with the enhancement of the current vegetation with landscaping and the inclusion of modern elements which blend with the space
  • creation of new jobs both during construction and the operation of the park, improvement of the environmental parameters with the right planning and attracting residents and visitors of all ages
  • access and use by the disabled and a link of the park with the neighbouring area and Larnaca Municipal Gardens
  • creation of an organised park to revive the urban environment
  • operational, aesthetic and quality improvement of the area

The revamp of the area aims to make it into a place of recreation, sport, rest and social intermingling.

The municipality has announced the following prizes:

1st prize €12000

2nd prize €9000

3rd prize €6000

Merit (three) €2000 each

The team to be assigned to project will be paid an amount equivalent to 5% of the cost plus VAT. The municipality estimates the cost at €900,000 + VAT.

The project may be submitted for funding by the EU’s regional development fund as part of the competitiveness and sustainable development programme 2021 – 2027.

Documents for the competition are available on

For more information or clarifications contact the municipality’s tenders office on telephone 24816574.


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