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Larnaca municipality issues jellyfish warning

A small number of jellyfish stings were reported in Larnaca in the past days, the municipality said on Wednesday.

According to a municipality announcement, swimmers reported that they were stung by jellyfish in Mackenzie and Kastella beaches.

“The appearance and increase of jellyfish is a temporary phenomenon which lasts from a few hours to some days,” the municipality said and urged the public to closely follow lifeguards’ instructions.

In case you come in contact with mauve stinger tentacles:

  • Carefully wash carefully the affected area with seawater, without rubbing it.
  • Use a plastic card to remove tentacle remains.
  • Inform lifeguards.
  • Intense pain last about 15-20 minutes. In case it continues, consult a doctor.
  • In case of an allergic shock, immediately contact or visit a doctor or a hospital.

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